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George Edward Woodberry

“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”

George Edward Woodberry



Ryan Dorsey

Naya Rivera

Ryan Dorsey

Japan’s bullet train dream team

With 150 million passengers every year, the cleaning crew on Japan’s bullet train must use near-military precision to keep it running on schedule.

Japan’s bullet train dream team

Just don’t call it Turkish coffee

Centuries of Ottoman rule may have left the Bosnians in an identity crisis, but one thing’s for certain – you can never call their coffee Turkish.

Just don’t call it Turkish coffee

유병언 시신

유병언 시신

괜찮아 사랑이야

괜찮아 사랑이야

2014년 7월 17일 목요일

With Echo, The Team Behind Laundry Startup Prim Fights Push Notification Overload

Back in January, startup Prim shut down its door-to-door laundry service. ... http://p.ost.im/NXLbTb

How the Internet Is Helping a Father Fight an Illness Unknown to Science

In 2012, Matt Might sat down to write a blog post. The 5,000-word essay t ... http://p.ost.im/N95MXK

Amazon Isn’t Killing Writing, The Market Is

Amazons war on publishers reached a crescendo yesterday with the leak of ... http://p.ost.im/NCk7se

​The 10 Worst Things About Building A New Gaming PC

Building a gaming PC can be difficult and stressful. There are a thousand ... http://p.ost.im/N9CQ7a

Care.com Acquires Subscription Kids’ Goods Startup Citrus Lane In $48.6M Deal

Care.com, the listed Massachusetts-based company that runs an online mark ... http://p.ost.im/NCeSpN

Fonts In Chrome For Windows Will Look Better Soon

Google released the latest beta version of its Chrome browser today, and ... http://p.ost.im/NQDfRK

A Hoodie Made From Speaker Fabric Won’t Muffle Your Headphones

Originally designed for home or recording studio use, over-the-ear headph ... http://p.ost.im/N9fbk5

All Your Favorite Social Networks Are Turning Into Storefronts

Earlier today, three of the biggest names in social network land—Facebo ... http://p.ost.im/NXRJKa

This Chlorine-Free Pool Is Biofiltered and Freaking Beautiful

Tis the season for stripping down and getting wet in the great outdoors. ... http://p.ost.im/NXYmjC

2014년 7월 16일 수요일

Y Combinator May Be Worth One Billion Dollars. Here’s The Math

Y Combinators president Sam Altman dropped some big stats about his prest ... http://p.ost.im/Nxx9kX

The Fake Places Cartographers Used to Trap Copyright Thieves

People will go to some insane lengths to hunt down the bandits of their ... http://p.ost.im/NQnW6k

Shipping Startup Shyp Raises $10M Led By SherpaVentures, Plans Expansion To New York City

On-demand shipping startup Shyp only officially launched in San Francisco ... http://p.ost.im/N9yrjK

DARPA’S Turning to Bezos and Branson For Help Building Its Spaceplanes

Weve known about DARPAs plan to build a reusable, unmanned space plane fo ... http://p.ost.im/NxybeH

eBay Reports Mixed Q2 Results With Revenue Of $4.366B, Non-GAAP EPS Of $0.69

Today after the close of regular trading, eBay announced its second-quart ... http://p.ost.im/NxVwNQ

Pond5 Raises $61 Million Series A Led By Accel Partners, Stripes Group

Pond5, Shutterstocks rival in the digital media and video world, has toda ... http://p.ost.im/N9uVd7

Evoke Is A New Induction-Based Vaporizer That Looks And Feels Like An Old-School Pipe

The Evoke is the latest electronic vaporizer to grace the industry with i ... http://p.ost.im/N9WXA5

Google Wallet Can Now Store Gift Cards and Pester Your Friends for Money

Google Wallets latest update includes several new features, including a w ... http://p.ost.im/NCGWxL

NFL Sunday Ticket Might Be Available Without Satellite Next Season

Looks like DirecTV is poised to offer cord-cutters a big bucket of NFL, n ... http://p.ost.im/Nx2eCx

Zillow Acquires Retsly, A Service That Helps Developers Access Real Estate Listings

Real estate site Zillow today announced that it has acquired Retsly, a Va ... http://p.ost.im/NCDPJu

2014년 7월 15일 화요일

Senators Push For Broadband Reclassification That Would Protect Net Neutrality

Thirteen senators called on Federal Communications Commission chairman To ... http://p.ost.im/NHsW75

After Users Swamp Its Website, The FCC Extends The Net Neutrality Comment Period To Friday

The FCC is giving the public more time to weigh in on its proposed net ne ... http://p.ost.im/NH7tkd

The World’s Largest Floating Prison Is In NYC

Docked off the Bronx in Long Island Sound, the Vernon C. Bain Correctiona ... http://p.ost.im/NuwvDm

5 Quick Ways To Free Up Space In Your Gmail Account

Google has boosted Gmail storage space by a factor of 15 since it debuted ... http://p.ost.im/NxbYLp


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FCC Extends Net Neutrality Comment Deadline After Responses Crashed It

After an overwhelming surge in traffic the past few days that essentially ... http://p.ost.im/Nx522e

6 Great Shots From The World Cup

Germany went blitzkrieg on the entire UN of soccer and took the 2014 Worl ... http://p.ost.im/NxFafv

Twitter’s Crashlytics Launches Free Real-Time Metrics With Answers

Crashlytics is a rare bird in todays developer tool landscape and a bree ... http://p.ost.im/N9Esxd

LivingSocial Poaches eBay Exec Gautam Thakar To Be Its New CEO

LivingSocial is today announcing a new CEO and president, putting to rest ... http://p.ost.im/N97qmG

Google Launches Project Zero To Find Security Bugs In Third-Party Software

Google today announced that it is launching Project Zero, an internal tea ... http://p.ost.im/NxWGJG

2014년 7월 14일 월요일

#Love: Virtually No Sex

Sex. The human race is crazy about it. Its even been suggested that every ... http://p.ost.im/N5WgNE

Toonimo Raises $2.5M To Liven Up Websites With Custom Cartoons

Toonimo, a startup that says it can make websites more engaging and lucra ... http://p.ost.im/NfgTWY

ScribbleLive Acquires CoveritLive, Will Still Operate Both Brands

Once bitter rivals, ScribbleLive and CoveritLive are now family. Scribble ... http://p.ost.im/NHuX2h

Real Cheese From A Lab, No Cow Necessary

Vegans who miss the creamy taste of real cheese, rejoice! A group of bioh ... http://p.ost.im/N5Nwvg

Y Combinator Calls For Strict Net Neutrality Rules, Reclassification Of Broadband Under Title II

Early this afternoon Y Combinator released a letter, written by its own A ... http://p.ost.im/NPaSsn

Squink Lets You Print A Circuit Board For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee

So youre building a circuit and lets say the whole process took you about ... http://p.ost.im/NHXTR2

Lexalytics Acquires Semantria To Bring Sentiment Analysis To The Masses

Lexalytics is looking to bring sentiment analysis to smaller firms around ... http://p.ost.im/NH5BBh

Do You Feel Pressure Or Do You Apply Pressure?

One obvious yet under-appreciated law of business physics is: For any giv ... http://p.ost.im/NHUxf9

Watch Footage of an Armed Palestinian Drone Flying Over Gaza

The military wing of Hamas just posted a five-minute-long video of an app ... http://p.ost.im/NPVrPB

2014년 7월 13일 일요일

New York Gets Another Learn To Code Academy

New York is getting a new tech skills training academy. The twist it that ... http://p.ost.im/NahXkw


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This Awe-Inspiring Stadium Is Now the Biggest Dome Ever Built

If huge spaces freak you out (looking at you, agoraphobes), look away now ... http://p.ost.im/N5bhm5

German Cartel Office Says Google, Other Tech Giants Could Be Regulated Like Utilities: Report

Germany has not been the biggest fan of tech giants that it believes over ... http://p.ost.im/N5h4Aw


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Stream (What It Feels Like To Be At) The World Cup On Snapchat

You can watch the World Cup final game on ESPN or Univision, but Snapchat ... http://p.ost.im/NaWJTY

Silicon Valley’s Dilemma Over Credentials

Silicon Valley has been heavily derided by the media these past few month ... http://p.ost.im/NPQh9N

It’s So Hot In Yellowstone That a Road Literally Melted

Yellowstone National Park is riddled with constantly changing geothermal ... http://p.ost.im/NfABpB

Winners Of The Techcrunch London Meetup: GiftGaming, Rook And Keekla

The Techcrunch London Summer Meetup rolled into town this week as part of ... http://p.ost.im/NDsaNT

Go Inside the Factory That Makes the World’s Solar Panels

While youre watching the final game of the World Cup today, keep a keen e ... http://p.ost.im/NyFdqx

2014년 7월 12일 토요일

Gorgeous Slow-Mo of the Machine-Like Beauty of Honeybees in Flight

Photographer Michael Sutton spent hours getting up close and personal wit ... http://p.ost.im/Nm38px

Your Skin Has a Sense of Smell, and Sandalwood Aroma Makes it Heal

Ready for some weird science? Some of the same olfactory sensing equipmen ... http://p.ost.im/NfavKk

Curated Food Delivery Startup Caviar In Talks To Be Acquired By Square For $100 Million

Curated food delivery startup Caviar is in talks to be acquired by Square ... http://p.ost.im/NaK3nL

Gillmor Gang: Taming of the Stream

The Gillmor Gang John Borthwick, Robert Scoble, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare ... http://p.ost.im/NUsvDh

Amazing Facebook Photos, a Cyborg Ear, a Magic Roti Maker, and More

Happy Saturday friends! Its been a long week, now its time to kick back. ... http://p.ost.im/Nmtu8k

Riding Along With a Biohazard Crew That Cleans Up NYC Murder Scenes

Welcome to Reading List, Gizmodos Saturday afternoon collection of the be ... http://p.ost.im/N5D8dF

Hardware Is The New Software

Nest. GoPro. Beats. Jawbone. Oculus. All hardware companies and each of t ... http://p.ost.im/NmFWDa

Washington Post Reporter On the How and Why of Latest NSA Revelations

Last week, The Washington Post published the results of a huge investiga ... http://p.ost.im/NmVQN8

Humans And Computers Will Come Together For Middle Work

Jon Evans post Welcome To Extremistan! Check Your Career At The Door on T ... http://p.ost.im/NPTs3x

What’s the One Dead Website You Wish You Could Revive?

Benj Edwards at The Atlantic just published this beautiful piece about a ... http://p.ost.im/N5npeV

2014년 7월 11일 금요일

Twitter’s New Analytics Tool Measures ‘Real’ Tweet Performance

If youre looking for more details about how all of your tweets are doing, ... http://p.ost.im/Nyt7aC

Deals: Tiny Espresso, Bluetooth Shower Speaker, 128GB MicroSD

The Nespresso Pixie is small, attractive, and makes some great espresso. ... http://p.ost.im/NPU3HG

XKit, The Tumblr Client For Power Users, Arrives On iOS

A well-liked Tumblr extension called XKit, which adds more functionality ... http://p.ost.im/NPeA7Y

How Vacant World Cup Stadiums Could Be Turned Into Housing

The World Cup ends this weekend, leaving Brazil with the heady task of de ... http://p.ost.im/Nf7RVf

Tracking the Bizarre Edits Congress Makes to Wikipedia

The elected representatives you chose to represent you in the legislative ... http://p.ost.im/N5da42

Developer Predicted LeBron’s Move To The Cavs With Website Analysis

LeBron James is going home. Sports Illustrated just announced that the ki ... http://p.ost.im/NPFQVF

FCC Approves Billions To Bring Wi-Fi To More American Schools

American schools are set to receive billions in federal dollars to bring ... http://p.ost.im/NP2Vc9

Behold the All Time Best/Worst Movie About the Internet

There are many movies about the internet. Some are good. Some are bad. An ... http://p.ost.im/NP97uX

Watch as Laser Scanners and CNC Millers Restore a Castle’s Gargoyles

Even a building made of stone is still subject to the ravages of time, an ... http://p.ost.im/NfGscj

Inside San Franciso’s Fire Department, Where Ladders Are Made by Hand

San Franciscos Fire Department is one of the few left in the United State ... http://p.ost.im/NPKNdm

2014년 7월 10일 목요일

15 Dead Simple IFTTT Recipes That Will Make Your Life Way Easier

IFTTT—If This Then That—is an automator that links different internet ... http://p.ost.im/NfthXE

The Rotating Building Where the Offices of the Future Will Be Tested

High up in the hills of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory sit four sq ... http://p.ost.im/Nf8LFN

The World’s Largest LED Hydroponic Farm Used to Be a Sony Factory

As climate change begins posing new challenges to conventional outdoor fo ... http://p.ost.im/NDRhjj

Rotimatic Hands-On: Yep, The Roti-a-Minute Magic Machine Is Awesome

For about a billion people across the world, nothing is more fundamental ... http://p.ost.im/NPxmSm

Columbia Designed This Camo To Make Anglers Invisible To Fish

Hunters wear camouflage clothing from head to toe to blend in with their ... http://p.ost.im/NPBjYt

Each of These Images Is Smaller Than the Width of a Human Hair

Oxford scientists just revealed a new kind of display technology that can ... http://p.ost.im/NPx3YX

After Two Years, Baby "Cured" of HIV Is Showing Detectable Virus Levels

The Mississippi Baby, born with HIV and treated with antiretroviral drug ... http://p.ost.im/NP6jWn

Apple’s Living Library

Oh the double dip. If youre a movie fan, especially one who was around fo ... http://p.ost.im/NPkqEU

FTC Takes Legal Action Against Amazon For Unauthorized In-app Purchases

The Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against Amazon Thursday, a ... http://p.ost.im/NU3x9g

Elon Musk Donates $1 Million To The Oatmeal’s Nikola Tesla Museum

Back in May, cartoonist The Oatmeal (or, as his momma named him, Matthew ... http://p.ost.im/NPghe8

2014년 7월 9일 수요일

Google Adds Android Smartphone And Tablet Screen Mirroring To Chromecast

Google has released a feature for Chromecast announced at Google I/O this ... http://p.ost.im/NAkKFU

DigitalOcean Closes $10M Equipment Lease From CapX Partners

Earlier this year, DigitalOcean raised a huge $37.2 million funding round ... http://p.ost.im/NyLk9b

7 Fireworks GIFs To Keep That Pyrotechnic Patriotism Going

The 4th of July may be over, but our obsession with blowing things up ne ... http://p.ost.im/NAGEDS

Microsoft Updates Azure With 2 New U.S. Regions, Improved Hybrid Storage Solution And More

Microsoft today announced a number of new features for its Azure cloud co ... http://p.ost.im/NUFJem

Deals: The Best Mobile Games, KitchenAid Mixers, 5TB External

A few of the best iOS games on the App Store are marked down today, and y ... http://p.ost.im/NAg7Df

Polymo’s New iPhone App Helps You Pre-Organize Your Photos

A number of tech companies over the years have attempted to solve the cha ... http://p.ost.im/NACfKc

You Can Finally Send Anything on Your Android’s Screen to Chromecast

The Cast Screen function for Googles Chromecast dongle that we reported o ... http://p.ost.im/NA7c4v

Microsoft Tweaks Office 365 For Smaller Businesses

Microsoft today announced a raft of new Office 365 plans for smaller busi ... http://p.ost.im/NyAp7k

Ask Tim Wu—The Guy Who Coined "Net Neutrality"—Anything

Tim Wu is a busy man. When hes not teaching law at Columbia or writing fo ... http://p.ost.im/NU3JCU

2014년 7월 8일 화요일

Apple’s “Secret” eBay Store Returns

In fall 2012, a mysterious eBay store appeared which only sold Apple prod ... http://p.ost.im/NSs3JB

And The First Game To Find Its Way To Android Wear Is… Yep, You Guessed It.

Quick! Take a guess: which endlessly ported/cloned game is the first to h ... http://p.ost.im/NSskK2

Amazon Sends Letter To Try To Take Authors “Out Of The Middle” Of The Hachette Dispute

Amazon is flexing another muscle in the ongoing Hachette dispute. In a le ... http://p.ost.im/NBW2cb

Curse, An Under-The-Radar Community For Hard-Core Gamers, Raises $16M

Not to glorify another high school dropout, but Hubert Thieblot had one o ... http://p.ost.im/NA55cc

Apple Brings Better Discussion, iPad Course Creation To iTunes U

Apple has updated iTunes U with a bunch of new features, cranking the ver ... http://p.ost.im/NSCSSY

This App Will Make You Perfectly Tailored Earbuds By Scanning Your Ears

We wear headphones and/or earbuds for hours every day, so comfort is impe ... http://p.ost.im/NSvnSG

Uber Caps Surge Pricing During Emergencies Nationwide

Uber is doing away with its practice of charging exorbitant rates for tra ... http://p.ost.im/NAjXRC

Amazon Is Baiting Hachette Authors With 100 Percent Profits

Amazon and publishing company Hachette remain in negotiations after a ver ... http://p.ost.im/NSDFvp

Hillary Clinton Denounces NSA Surveillance On German Chancellor

Hillary Clinton criticized the National Security Agency (NSA) for spying ... http://p.ost.im/NB3v7N

2014년 7월 7일 월요일

Keith Rabois’ Homebuying Startup OpenDoor Raises $9.95M From Everyone

Well.It seems like a lot of Valley investors want to see the process of ... http://p.ost.im/NkcdNB

Explore the Largest Cruise Ship In the World With Google Street View

At 1,184 feet long and weighing in at 222,900 tons, Royal Caribbeans Allu ... http://p.ost.im/NjP7ch

The Weird Reason Why So Many Turtles Are Delaying Flights at JFK

Remember when dozens of mating turtles shut down a whole runaway at JFK I ... http://p.ost.im/NBk7pN

The Privacy Implications Of NSA Searches Should Not Be Minimized

The Obama administration on Sunday attempted to downplay the damning reve ... http://p.ost.im/NBBcYB

BlackBerry Explains The Passport, Its Square Tablet… Phone Thing

BlackBerry previously gave us a sneak peek at a device thats as category- ... http://p.ost.im/NkJyxd

Box’s Q1 Revenue Nearly Doubles As Its Losses Expand A More Modest 13%

This afternoon, Box pulled the trigger on its updated S-1 document, detai ... http://p.ost.im/NrsqPk

Why Bikes Make Smart People Say Dumb Things

Scott Simons bio on the NPR website describes him as one of Americas most ... http://p.ost.im/Nh72Mc

Bridging The Gap As The Smart Home Industry Expands

With the smart home market growing, the focus is shifting to the seamless ... http://p.ost.im/N6PYYx

The Middle of this Massive Indoor Maze Reveals How To Get Back Out Again

Getting lost in a museum is easy, and aimlessly wandering from wing to wi ... http://p.ost.im/NBNvc9

A Shipping Container Coffee Table Completes Your Den’s Industrial Look

Ornately carved wood and beveled glass are the typical ingredients that g ... http://p.ost.im/NkVf3A

2014년 7월 6일 일요일

Watch The World’s Tallest Water Slide Test Its First Human Riders

The Verrckt, the worlds tallest water slide, has finally started testing ... http://p.ost.im/NjvceL


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Wimbledon LIVE, Wimbledon final, Federer vs Djokovic, Wimbledon 2014 Live ... http://p.ost.im/N2V6yK

Plug Your Phone Into This Solar Powered Donkey

Turkish herdsmen are keeping up with the latest news and entertainment vi ... http://p.ost.im/NM33fs

Wearable Solar’s Prototype Dress Combines Fashion With Phone-Charging Capabilities

Heres an unusual way to keep your smartphone charged with a solar-powere ... http://p.ost.im/Nrw22U


The post 七夕 appeared first on jpg dictionary. ... http://p.ost.im/NMm7W3

StepUp Lets You Easily Chop YouTube Videos Into Bite-Size Chunks

Step forward UK startup StepUp which has built a platform for turning exi ... http://p.ost.im/N2FgMS

Now YouTube Is Shaming ISPs For Slow Streaming Video

Sometime in the past few days, YouTube started showing a new error bar on ... http://p.ost.im/N6QmJv

Smartwatches, Secret Pools, a Month With a 10-Year-Old Phone, and More

Happy Sixth of July! The fireworks have all blown up, the beers have all ... http://p.ost.im/NjjqD3

Wimbledon 2014

Wimbledon, Djokovic, Novak DjokovicThe post Wimbledon 2014 appeared firs ... http://p.ost.im/N22RP8

2014년 7월 5일 토요일

Watch This Incredible "Transformers" Stop-Motion Movie Right Now

Save yourself the $12 (or whatever it costs these days) it takes to see t ... http://p.ost.im/N2fHkP

Maybe it’s Ducking Time to Get Rid of Autocorrect

Welcome to Reading List, Gizmodos Saturday afternoon collection of the be ... http://p.ost.im/N2tTQG

Google Now Is The Killer App For Android Wear

Googles I/O keynote may have been a bit of a jumble of different product ... http://p.ost.im/N2FkMM

If the FDA Has Its Way, Drug Companies Could Soon Tweet Side Effects

Realizing that social media isnt a passing fad, the Food and Drug Adminis ... http://p.ost.im/N2pbDm

Daimler’s Self-Driving Truck Isn’t Good for Nervous Highway Drivers

Attention Google: Your self-driving car looks wimpy compared to this self ... http://p.ost.im/N6SSfL

How to Brew Cannabis Tinctures (Eyedroppers Full of Happiness)

Now that youre good and deafened from last nights Independence Day celebr ... http://p.ost.im/NjngLp

Hospitals Are Using Credit Card Data To Predict People’s Health

So, this sounds creepy: Some hospitals are identifying high-risk patients ... http://p.ost.im/N2xPfC

Gillmor Gang: Pass the Buck

The Gillmor Gang Robert Scoble, Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, Keith Teare, an ... http://p.ost.im/NYKpyG

Zuora’s Journey To Managing The Subscription Economy

The idea for subscription billing startup Zuora was born in Marc Benioffs ... http://p.ost.im/NjSaQu

Eugenie Bouchard

Petra KvitovaThe post Eugenie Bouchard appeared first on jpg dictionary. ... http://p.ost.im/N25ppe

2014년 7월 4일 금요일

I’m Watching Parts Unknown As a Faux Vacation and So Should You

Im hooked on Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Its the best show on Netfli ... http://p.ost.im/N24Puc

An E-Commerce Site Where You Can Haggle Down The Price

What are American holidays without shopping deals, right? A new kind of s ... http://p.ost.im/N2BTj6

The Best Fourth of July Deals

Celebrate Independence Day in style with a new price low on the Xbox One, ... http://p.ost.im/NjEN2G

Chrome Will Now Let You Surf In Virtual Reality

Todays not only a great day for barbecue lovers, its also a red letter da ... http://p.ost.im/NhcKM6

France vs Germany

Germany Vs FranceThe post France vs Germany appeared first on jpg dictio ... http://p.ost.im/N6WF9q

Hurricane Arthur

The post Hurricane Arthur appeared first on jpg dictionary. ... http://p.ost.im/N6jdYh

The Best Fireworks in NYC Might Be This Beloved Illegal Display

Sure, there will be big, corporate-sponsored firework displays tonight in ... http://p.ost.im/NkRseT

Everyone Has Seen Fireworks, No One Needs Your Photos

Heres a novel idea for watching the fireworks: use your eyes. See, the Fo ... http://p.ost.im/NjjkDT

This Is How the U.S. Navy Celebrates the Fourth of July

Forget your home-grown fireworks: the U.S. Navy will celebrate with missi ... http://p.ost.im/NhNNgK

Nowhere Under the Sea Is Safe from Britain’s Newest Nuclear Submarine

Russia isnt the only nation launching a nuclear sub hunter after two deca ... http://p.ost.im/NhCmjD

2014년 7월 3일 목요일

These Paper Models of Microbes and Cells Are Beautiful

Some artists find inspiration from the grand and vast, painting galaxies ... http://p.ost.im/NrTRPN

Music Streaming Eats Downloads With On-Demand Up 42% Over 2013, Digital Sales Down 12%

Nielsens music report on the first half of 2014 shows digital music consu ... http://p.ost.im/N6RdAj

Mobile Accelerator Tandem Announces Four New Startups As It Prepares To Double In Size

Tandem, a Silicon Valley-based accelerator for mobile startups, is unveil ... http://p.ost.im/N2Cx3x

Airbus: Eh, Pilots Don’t Really Need Windows

As a kid (or, lets be honest, even as an a adult), nothing is more thrill ... http://p.ost.im/N2gj6K

California Democrats .Whine Over Proposed .Wine Domains

Lets see if we can do this without making any puns.In May, California De ... http://p.ost.im/NMSAGA

South Park, Now In Virtual Reality

Ready to head on down to (virtual) South Park, and have yourself a (virtu ... http://p.ost.im/NrReJE

4th of July

The post 4th of July appeared first on jpg dictionary. ... http://p.ost.im/NjdwfJ

You Set this Analog Watch With Swipes, Not Dials

If you needed any further proof that buttons, dials, and knobs are slowly ... http://p.ost.im/NhPjVG

Windows Phone’s Market Share In The United States Isn’t Growing

The latest data from Comscore regarding the United States smartphone mark ... http://p.ost.im/NjyfAG

Cross-Sections of Fireworks Show the Part of the Boom You Never See

As you bide your time until darkness falls tomorrow night, heres somethin ... http://p.ost.im/NYVvuT

2014년 7월 2일 수요일

Ticket Resale Marketplace StubHub Goes Through A Big Fat Round Of Layoffs

Online ticket marketplace StubHub recently went through a big round of la ... http://p.ost.im/N6D2hP

Amazon Stands Up To FTC Demands For More Parental Controls

Amazon is refusing to comply with a request from the Federal Trade Commis ... http://p.ost.im/NMtvWq

Watch How American Cities Grew Through Thousands of Historic Maps

Good thing its almost the holiday weekend and you dont need to be product ... http://p.ost.im/N2erx3

Google’s Response to the "Right to Be Forgotten" Is Just Perfect

In May, the EU Court of Justice ruled that because people have right to b ... http://p.ost.im/NYX7wX

The EFF Sues The NSA For Details On How The Government Discloses Security Flaws

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is suing the National Security A ... http://p.ost.im/N28WBN

This Wasp Defends Its Home With the Cadavers of Its Victims

The bone house wasp (Deuteragenia ossarium) is named so because the newly ... http://p.ost.im/N6Jmdn

The Dangers (and Benefits) of Designing Mutant Super Viruses

Take an already deadly flu virus like H1N1—killer of an estimated 284,0 ... http://p.ost.im/NjX7r8

2014년 7월 1일 화요일

Facebook Starts Using App Links To Get You Back Into Apps

App Links, Facebooks initiative to make it easier for developers to link ... http://p.ost.im/NjNTvu

DeAndre Yedlin

Fabian JohnsonThe post DeAndre Yedlin appeared first on jpg dictionary. ... http://p.ost.im/N2TED9


Rafael NadalThe post Nadal appeared first on jpg dictionary. ... http://p.ost.im/N2fRdx

72Lux Launches Shoppable, Giving Users A Universal Wish List With Multiple Retailers

Software service 72Lux today announced the launch of Shoppable, a new web ... http://p.ost.im/N2Xj5h

Espn Radio

The post Espn Radio appeared first on jpg dictionary. ... http://p.ost.im/N2sMpg

Facebook Accidentally Sent Advertisers Receipts For Other People’s Ads

Last night a sizable number of Facebook advertisers received receipts lis ... http://p.ost.im/N24mmF

After Losing In The Supreme Court, Aereo Turns Its Sights To Congress

When the Supreme Court ruled Aereo was illegal last week, many thought it ... http://p.ost.im/N2sWf7

Online Education Startups Codecademy, General Assembly, Others Band Together Against Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) got an earful from concerned ... http://p.ost.im/N2rGtM


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2014년 6월 30일 월요일

The Bricks That Built This Tower Were Grown From Fungus

It looks like an illustration from a Dr. Seuss book, but the circular tow ... http://p.ost.im/NNYb4m

What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About Facebook’s "Creepy" Study

If youve been anywhere near this great, big internet of ours over the pas ... http://p.ost.im/NN5WgN

Community Will Get Its Sixth Season… On Yahoo.

Look out, Netflix: Yahoo just played a card that you probably should have ... http://p.ost.im/NNQg9x

The Weird Pattern On this Girl’s Eyeball Is From an Airbag

Airbags certainly do save lives, but getting hit in the face at 200 mph ... http://p.ost.im/NNcGaW

High-Skill Immigration Reform Is Dead This Year – Again

High-skill immigration reform failed to become law in 2013. The Senate ma ... http://p.ost.im/NNWxw4

A 20-Sided Pocket Art Director Gives You Free Design Advice

When deadlines are a-looming and your creative well has momentarily run d ... http://p.ost.im/NLkuwU

Christensen Vs. Lepore: A Matter Of Fact

Nothing gets keyboards clicking like a good controversy. Recently Jill Le ... http://p.ost.im/NNKkQ7

Community Will Get a Sixth Season After All (On Yahoo!)

Everyones favorite is-it-on-again/is-it-off-again comedy is indeed coming ... http://p.ost.im/NLXF2u

2014년 6월 29일 일요일

Extortionists Are Using Bitcoin To Steal Cash From Business Owners

Extortionists are going completely anonymous thanks to social media and b ... http://p.ost.im/NRAXQJ

This Is The Most Earth-Like Planet Discovered Yet

The nearest Earth-like planet is only 16 light-years away from us. It has ... http://p.ost.im/LwE8Qc


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Google’s Principal Designer For Search And Maps Explains Material Design

Googles design work was center stage at I/O this year, from the keynote t ... http://p.ost.im/LwFmjW

Philip Lutzenkirchen

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Startups And The Un-Banking Of America

Historically, when looking for opportunity in the financial industry wher ... http://p.ost.im/NJQQq6


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Google’s Dart Programming Language Is Coming To The Server

A few days ago at its I/O developer conference, Google quietly announced ... http://p.ost.im/LwC3H3

Google, Not Device Makers, Will Control Android Wear, Auto and TV UI

When Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV launch this fall, theyll s ... http://p.ost.im/LEd5xv

Facebook Doesn’t Think Manipulating Users’ Emotions Is A Big Deal

If you missed this outrageous study published earlier this month in an ac ... http://p.ost.im/LcgHNF

2014년 6월 28일 토요일

Awww, the Little Google Maps Guy Is Wearing His Soccer Gear

World Cup madness is sweeping the internet—even the little yellow guy o ... http://p.ost.im/L3YB7b

Today, France Is Still Cleaning Up Hundred-Year-Old Bombs From WWI

A century ago today, the first shots of WWI were fired. It was the first ... http://p.ost.im/LcnD2p

Gillmor Gang: The Other Shoe

The Gillmor Gang Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, Benedict Evans, Dan Farber, ... http://p.ost.im/LELPN6

Watch NASA’s Flying Saucer Test Flight Live, Right Here, Right Now

NASA is about to send this sci-fi flying pie into the far reaches of Eart ... http://p.ost.im/NdPsA5

The Rise Of The “Social Professional” Networks

Back in the mid-2000s, many espoused a theory that there would emerge soc ... http://p.ost.im/NJfYXA

IAC Putting A Ring On Dating Site HowAboutWe

Looks like IAC is adding Brooklyn-based HowAboutWe as another notch in ... http://p.ost.im/Lw8awd

Aereo, Smartwatches That Don’t Suck, HDR Ruining Photography, and More

What a week! We got to ogle everything Google showed at I/O, we learned t ... http://p.ost.im/Nef6JG

Pinball, Swords, Bad Air: What’s Not Ruining Our Cities This Week

Long-suffering pinball fans can finally play free in Oakland. Swords are ... http://p.ost.im/NeRxrC

Most People’s Concept of Net Neutrality Hasn’t Existed for Years

Welcome to Reading List, Gizmodos Saturday afternoon collection of the be ... http://p.ost.im/LTU5Fr

This Weird Morphing Skin Could Make Future Vehicles Super Aerodynamic

This strangely alive-looking blob isnt a prop from a sci-fi movie. Its a ... http://p.ost.im/LTv93t

2014년 6월 27일 금요일

Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor and MainStage Pro Apps

In what is surely a release timed (at least partially) to reassure pro us ... http://p.ost.im/NdcDY6


新界東北發展計劃The post 東北發展 appeared first on jpg dict ... http://p.ost.im/Nd78FB

Backed By Science Inc., FreeGameCredits.com Offers Exactly What Its Name Suggests

Startup FreeGameCredits.com doesnt have the problem of an ambiguous name ... http://p.ost.im/NRVdam

An Oculus-Powered Tour of Yale Made Me Want to Go Back to School

It was an unlikely afternoon, and I was standing in a skinny office somew ... http://p.ost.im/NNFK7y

Pipes Is A Clever App That Lets You Track Any Topic You Care About

Prepare to further isolate yourself in a world containing only the news a ... http://p.ost.im/NdxqK6

US Gov Releases First NSA Transparency Report

This morning the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) released a repor ... http://p.ost.im/Nef7Jb

Apple Is Killing Aperture, Its Once Great Photo Editing Software

Aperture long ago lost to Adobe Lightroom, and today, The Loop is reporti ... http://p.ost.im/NRmjuK

The Aereo Ruling Is Already Being Used Against Other Smart TV Tech

Just two days ago the Supreme Court killed Aereo by ruling that its stre ... http://p.ost.im/NLU9pE

Deals: Das Keyboard, Sony Storage, 30 Free Android Apps, Cast Iron

Amazons Gold Box is stuffed full of Sony flash storage today, including ( ... http://p.ost.im/LEeYhA

Apple To Cease Development Of Aperture And Transition Users To Photos For OS X

With the release of OS X Yosemite later this year, Apple will cease the d ... http://p.ost.im/NeqXW6

2014년 6월 26일 목요일

Germany Nixing Verizon Contract Highlights Economic Impact Of US Spying

The German government announced it was pulling its contract with Verizon ... http://p.ost.im/NLJ5pf

Swatch’s Sistem51 Will Finally Be Available In the US on July 1

Theres some great news for watch aficionados who havent already found a f ... http://p.ost.im/LEDqmw

500 Startups Files With The SEC So Dave McClure Can Talk Up His New $100M Fund

500 Startups has filed the paperwork necessary by to allow for a general ... http://p.ost.im/N8dS3q

World Cup Bracket

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Brazil’s Soccer Team Has Smart Gatorade Bottles That Track Hydration

Everyone knows you should drink plenty of fluids when playing sports, but ... http://p.ost.im/NJH7DA

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a Review

This morning I woke up to a push notification on my phone. Are you ready ... http://p.ost.im/LEVMNs

Loyalty And Marketing Analytics Startup CrowdTwist Raises $9M More

CrowdTwist is announcing that it has raised $9 million in Series B fundin ... http://p.ost.im/NRCupq

The Man With a Plan To Build a 70-Foot Car-Juggling Robot

Imagine this: A towering 70-foot diesel-powered robot, equipped with a ha ... http://p.ost.im/LwdeUh

Group H

Algeria, Belgium, group H World Cup, Algeria vs Russia, Korea Republic vs ... http://p.ost.im/N8DEBr

DARPA’s Robotics Challenge Finals Just Got A Whole Lot Harder

DARPA just announced the details of the final round of its years-long Rob ... http://p.ost.im/N85N3B

2014년 6월 25일 수요일

Hands On With The LG G Watch, Shipping July 7 For $229 U.S.

Today at Googles I/O developer conference, Android Wear was a central top ... http://p.ost.im/LwuhU8

Hands On With Google’s Incredibly Clever Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset

Each year at I/O, Google gives all of the developers in the audience a gi ... http://p.ost.im/LwFV2p

Moto 360 Hands-On: This Smartwatch Will Make You Swoon

We just went hands-on with Samsungs first Android Wear, the Gear Live . I ... http://p.ost.im/LwFXGR

LG G Watch Hands-On: A Smartwatch That Feels Like a Watch

Months after it was first announced, youll finally be able to pre-order L ... http://p.ost.im/LKKvdk

Hands On With The Samsung Gear Live, Its $199 Smartwatch Shipping July 7

Samsung has a new Android Wear device that it didnt really make too much ... http://p.ost.im/Ne9LLM

Facebook Diversity Report Shows It’s 69% Male, 57% White, Charts Compare It To Google And More

Facebook just released its employee diversity report, and heres our chart ... http://p.ost.im/N8ar7W

All the Best Stuff Google Announced Today at I/O 2014

Today, Google held the keynote for its annual developer conference, Googl ... http://p.ost.im/Neut8Y

Aereo Faced With Few Options After Supreme Court Loss

Aereo, the company known for not having a plan B, now has to find one aft ... http://p.ost.im/LE7aEj

Watch a Paralyzed Man Move His Hand With the Power of Thought

For the first time ever, a paralyzed man has moved his hand using his min ... http://p.ost.im/L3ncd8

NSA Denies Any Record Of Snowden Emailing Superiors About Concerns

In response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) query, the NSA today i ... http://p.ost.im/N8FCNc

Solar FREAKIN' Roadways!

2014년 6월 24일 화요일

Gawker The Reality of Dating All Men When You’re Black | io9 This Brand-New TMNT Trailer Admits Alie

Gawker The Reality of Dating All Men When Youre Black | io9 This Brand-Ne ... http://p.ost.im/LT4BJd

Facebook’s Plan To Take On Twitter’s Stream

Twitters real-time stream made it the de facto place to discuss world eve ... http://p.ost.im/NJTGvW

People Are Going To Dress Up Like Star Wars Characters In SF Tomorrow To Protest Google

No one protests like San Francisco.The scene: Tomorrow, outside of Googl ... http://p.ost.im/LTTuwk

Bobby Womack: Across 110th Street

Did you know that Bobby Womack plays a right-handed guitar upside down? T ... http://p.ost.im/NRHPEB

TC Cribs 50th Episode: We’re Back At Scribd, The San Francisco Startup Where It All Began

Much like Leon Russell and Donny Hathaway, TechCrunch TVs Cribs series ha ... http://p.ost.im/LTAkSM

ReplayLastGoal Instantly Tweets Video Of The Latest World Cup Goal

We interrupt our normal programming to inform you of a handy new service ... http://p.ost.im/NRf84H

A Candle-Powered Speaker Keeps Playing Even When the Power’s Out

Using a scientific phenomenon known as the Peltier-Seebeck or thermoelect ... http://p.ost.im/N8pXGv

A Simple Design Improvement Keeps Your Glasses’ Arms Safe From Harm

Unless you stash them in a case when youre not wearing them, the arms on ... http://p.ost.im/Nds7X5

Jason Kilar’s New Startup Vessel Comes Out Of Hiding, With Backing By Greylock And Benchmark

Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar is finally ready to talk about what hes been ... http://p.ost.im/NR96DX

I Want To Live In These Incredibly Detailed Scenes Made of Paper

Modernist architecture photographs well, thanks to all those clean lines ... http://p.ost.im/N86UhE

2014년 6월 23일 월요일

Slingshot’s Designers Say You’re Using It Wrong

Facebooks new app, Slingshot, is confusing. The premise behind it is that ... http://p.ost.im/NR7Wa2

Google’s Getting Ready to Sell You Domain Names

Google just announced a new service called Domains. It does exactly what ... http://p.ost.im/NdUYQG

This App Hides a Panic Button in Your Calculator

Amnesty International has developed a secret Panic Button app that will s ... http://p.ost.im/L33KPc

Forget the Table, All You Need For a Foosball Game Are These Erasers

If youre not fortunate enough to find yourself working in one of those co ... http://p.ost.im/LccHV2

Wooden Vases Show Pencils Have Other Artistic Uses Than Just Drawings

Grade school is an opportunity for budding artists to finally shed their ... http://p.ost.im/NecHnt

Halt and Catch Fire Episode Four: Donna Is Here to Solve Everything

Halt and Catch Fire has so far failed at delivering us the TV drama abou ... http://p.ost.im/NJqSRf

Take a Wingtip Ride Aboard Russia’s Baddest Supersonic Jet

When foreign military aircraft stray too close to a nations borders, they ... http://p.ost.im/NeBmVN

Why Brad Pitt’s Nonprofit Is Building Homes for Native American Tribes

Make It Right launched in 2007 to rebuild homes in New Orleans Lower Nint ... http://p.ost.im/NeX8Jg

The Biggest Thing That Yo Got Right Is Hiring Its Hackers

Yo is a borderline-offensively useless (if amusing) app , but its founder ... http://p.ost.im/LvxSYS

2014년 6월 22일 일요일

How Far Do Soccer Players Run During a Match?

As it does every four years, the United States has turned its adoring eye ... http://p.ost.im/NdNe3v

Clint Dempsey

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Marfan syndrome

Isaiah AustinThe post Marfan syndrome appeared first on jpg dictionary. ... http://p.ost.im/NRVh7J

Why Twitter GIFs Aren’t Actually GIFs

Twitter GIF are VIFs. Theyre regular MP4 files that basically play in a l ... http://p.ost.im/LccyfP

Star Wars Now Has a Slick Guardians of the Galaxy-Style Trailer

And now for something awesome. Just in time for the new Guardians of the ... http://p.ost.im/Ne2VHv


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The National Weather Service Will Convert Airplanes To Weather Balloons

Heres how weather forecasts in the United States work: The National Weath ... http://p.ost.im/L3vu7k


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Carmelo Anthony

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2014년 6월 21일 토요일

Steam Summer Sale Day 3 and The Best Deals for June 21, 2014

Steam Summer Sale Day Three is here so go pick up Terraria for $2 (unless ... http://p.ost.im/LwNjmh

These DIY Office Supply Weapons Definitely Won’t Get You Fired, Nope

You graduated from middle school and found your way to a desk job, but th ... http://p.ost.im/Ndh2yq

How to Print From Anywhere

Americans just arent printing as much as we used to. Where once wed churn ... http://p.ost.im/N82wsk

Marcus Garvey

With confidence, you have won before you have started.The post Marcus Ga ... http://p.ost.im/L3J5VN

World Music Day

The post World Music Day appeared first on jpg dictionary. ... http://p.ost.im/NJ4q3L

This Could Be Our First Look at Mozilla’s Chromecast Competitor

Ever since Chromecast and Roku hit the market, rumor has said that Mozil ... http://p.ost.im/LwdGRA

Stephanie Kwolek, Chemist Who Invented Kevlar, Has Died

Stephanie Kwolek, the chemist who invented the incredibly tough fiber kno ... http://p.ost.im/NJHSRe

Train Strikes, Airbnb, Homogeneity: What’s Ruining Our Cities This Week

A train strike has paralyzed France, Airbnb has screwed San Franciscos ho ... http://p.ost.im/Lw2kuq

These $200 V-MODA Headphones are Only $90 Today on Amazon

Today only on Amazon, pick up a pair of popular and highly-rated V-MODA M ... http://p.ost.im/LKmg4j