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3M 창문필터로 만든 숨구멍…

오늘 주문했던 소형 3M 창문필터 리필키트가 도착했다. 창문 전채를 필터화 할 계획은 전혀 없없던 나의 기본 목적은 미세먼지 가득한 날… 그래도 작은 숨구멍은 바깥과 있었으면 했었다는 점. 아이들이 쉰 숨을 또 쉬고 또 쉬어 이산화탄소 가득한 집은 되지 말아야 겠다는 생각 때문이었다. 이를 위해서라면 그래도 작은 크기의 구멍은 먼지를 정화시켜야 하지 않을까 하는 바램이 이런… read more »

New personal post after a long time

It’s been a long time passed since I leave a new post, real text post in English. Bill e-mail of web-hosting company make me focus current status of my site and make me arrange it. I did lots of test on this site. Still this site has deficit in revenue side but I still love… read more »

History] April 3

Added domain into Google Webmaster tool Added bottom Menu – History / Contact

Blog directory list for rss submit

Blog Directories: Allforblog Alltop Blloggs : Submit on April 3, 2014 Blogarama  Blogadr BlogCatalog  Blog-collector blog+rss Blogs-collection Blogdire Blog-directory Blogdirectorysubmission Blogdir  BlogDirs Blogflux Blogfolders Bloggerhq Bloggernity Bloghub Blogginglist Bloghints Bloglines blog+rss Bloglisting Bloggernow Blogotion blogswirl BlogoWogo Blogrankings blogratings BlogRateDirectory BlogRollCenter blog + RSS Blogsranker Blogsrater Blogsearch Blogsitelist Blogsthatfollow Blogs.urlz Blogtoplist blogtopsites Blogville  Blogz boxyblogs Britblog Buzzerhut Chordata Blog+Rss… read more »

4/2, 2014

1> Blog Submit request to Daum, Naver and Bing 2> Updated blog submit domain list in WordPress category 3> Unactivated and removed mobile touch web plugin