April 18, 2021

Coming to America (1988)

Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) is wary of the arranged marriage set up for him and sets out to Queens to find a woman he can love. Ignore some of the dated tropes, come for the sweetness in Murphy’s performance

Casino Royale (2006)

His first movie as Britain’s most notorious secret agent is filled with deception, love, unreal stunts, strong female leads, and a twist ending you won’t see coming.

The Bodyguard (1992)

The film about a famous singer and her ex-secret-service-agent-turned-professional-bodyguard (Kevin Costner) is equal parts swoon-worthy and edge of your seat thrilling

Carmen Jones (1954)

This underrated musical set at an all-Black army camp follows Carmen (Dorothy Dandridge), who, despite being sought after by every man at the base, has her sights set on the super married Joe (Harry Belafonte). 

Promising Young Woman (2020)

This very dark comedy juxtaposes one woman’s insatiable quest to avenge her best friend’s tragic assault in front of a backdrop of all things frilly, pink, and sweet. 

Set It Off (1996)

After Frankie (Fox) loses her job as a bank teller, she and her friends give a big F-U to the system (as they should) and decide to moonlight as robbers

Dreamgirls (2006)

Three close friends get the chance of a lifetime to be the backup singers for national star James Early (Eddie Murphy), but with fast fame, some things come at a price

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