hide and seek

Hide and Seek: The Game We All Want to Play in Life We all know that game of hide and seek. You count to 10, close your eyes, then the search begins! It’s a fun game we’ve been playing since childhood. But did you know that life is kind of like an everlasting version of hide and seek? Sure, it may not be as straightforward or as easy to play as the classic children’s game, but there are many parallels between them both. The goal in life is simple – find yourself – yet it can sometimes seem impossible. That’s why so many people feel stuck or lost at times; they’re searching for something they don’t even know how to find! Well fear not my friends because I am here today with some tips on how you can make your own version of this beloved game work for you! First things first – decide what it is that YOU want out of life. A lot of us get stuck when trying to answer this question because we often compare ourselves with others instead focusing on our own individual goals and dreams.. Taking time out each day (or whenever works best) just for yourself will help immensely in discovering what these ambitions are within yourself – whether they be related towards career advancement or simply more personal pursuits such a learning a new hobby/skill etcetera . Secondly , come up with creative ways/strategies which will allow you achieve whatever those desires may be . This could involve anything from networking events , joining relevant Facebook groups , getting involved with volunteer projects …the list goes on ! Just remember any step taken towards reaching one’s end goal should always be celebrated no matter how small ! Lastly (and most importantly ) stay positive throughout journey . There will undoubtedly moments when things become difficult but having faith within oneself & staying focused shall ultimately lead down path desired by oneself ! So go ahead give Hide-and-Seek the old college try – except this time let ‘Life ‘be its name!!

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