If you’re planning to play baseball in Korea, it’s important to be familiar with basic key expressions related to the sport. Understanding Korean baseball terms will help you communicate with your teammates and coaches, follow the game’s rules, and enjoy your baseball experience in Korea. Some essential expressions include words for positions on the field, types of hits, calls made by umpires, and everyday game situations. By learning these key expressions, you can fully immerse yourself in Korean baseball culture and enjoy the national pastime of the country.

야구 (yagu) – baseball

투수 (tusu) – pitcher

타자 (taja) – batter

적시타 (jeogsi-ta) – clutch hit

홈런 (homreon) – home run

볼 (bol) – ball

스트라이크 (seuteura-ikeu) – strike

안타 (anta) – hit

실책 (silchaeg) – error

더블플레이 (deobeul-peullaei) – double play

베이스 (beiseu) – base

1루 (il-ru) – first base

2루 (i-ru) – second base

3루 (sam-ru) – third base

홈플레이트 (hom-peulleiteu) – home plate

팀 (tim) – team

경기 (gyeonggi) – game

이닝 (ining) – inning

외야수 (oe-yasu) – outfielder

내야수 (nae-yasu) – infielder

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