At Home

engage in a wide variety of activities at home, such as reading, cooking, exercising, watching movies, playing games, learning new skills, or spending quality time with our loved ones.

play drums

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing the drums, you’re not alone. Drumming is one of the most popular instruments to learn, and it’s no wonder why. Not only is it incredibly fun to play, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Playing the drums is a great way to express yourself and your emotions. Many …

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wood carving

Introducing Woodcarving: The Perfect Way to Curate Your Life Are you looking for a way to express yourself creatively and make something to be proud of? Then woodcarving might just be the perfect activity for you. Woodcarving is an ancient art form, with roots in cultures all around the world. It is an incredibly rewarding …

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The Diet of Life: A Curator's Perspective Have you ever wanted to make a change in your life, but just didn’t know where to begin? Well, let me tell you about the “Diet of Life”. This is a diet of sorts, but instead of focusing on the physical body, it is focused on the life …

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deep clean my house

A Deep Cleaning: The Ultimate Life Curator Challenge Do you ever feel like your house is a never-ending mess? Do you long to have a spotless home, but never seem to have the time or energy to do the deep clean you need? You’re not alone. The truth is, deep cleaning your house can be …

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massage chair

If you're looking for a way to relax and unwind, a massage chair may be just the thing you need. What could be better than a massage chair that can give you a full-body massage in the comfort of your own home? It's like having a personal masseuse on call whenever you need it. As …

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Growing Herb Pots

Herb pots are the perfect way to bring a little bit of life and color into your home. Whether you’re a gardening novice or an experienced green thumb, growing herb pots is a simple and rewarding way to add a little flair to your home. Plus, they’re easy to maintain and don’t require much space, …

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