Enough Rest everyday

 It's important for every next of today. 

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Generative AI, Creative assistant

There was a download session of the recent trend of the AI era in the company.  The Thing is  It's a time of making creative things with the help of AI.  It means people will manage the progress and quality of results after requesting items from AI.  Despite the pain of verifying outputs, we can expect productivity. 

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Own a YouTube Channel.

 If you have   - a good amount of topics you want to share   - a will to update videos regularly Owning a YouTube channel is worth trying. That's because the instructions for creating and managing YouTube channels are fully public and not difficult.  Plus, Advertising revenue is a bonus https://www.youtube.com/@neomm41/

Make a game

 It would be great if I could make and publish my own game.  Yesterday, one of my team members brought a simple HTML source with JavaScript. It's a kind of arcade game source of ChatGPT. Yes, with the help of AI and internet, it can be easier than before.  There are many possible easy tools(engines) that help make games too.