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Daily drawing exercise

Daily drawing with Samsung Galaxynote5

Gunther in Sing

  Gunter in Sing. Gunter is an anthropomorphic pig. While he is rather large in weight, he has great skill in aerobics and dancing. He wears a sparkly golden hoodie and pants covering a shiny red unitard with black dancing shoes.

Meena in Sing

  Meena drawing in Sing. Meena is a teenage anthropomorphic tusk-less Indian elephant with gray skin and green eyes. She has two small brown pigtails that are tied in pink hair ties. She has large ears, which she uses to cover her face when she is feeling especially shy. She has 4 fingers with huge… read more »

3M 창문필터로 만든 숨구멍…

오늘 주문했던 소형 3M 창문필터 리필키트가 도착했다. 창문 전채를 필터화 할 계획은 전혀 없없던 나의 기본 목적은 미세먼지 가득한 날… 그래도 작은 숨구멍은 바깥과 있었으면 했었다는 점. 아이들이 쉰 숨을 또 쉬고 또 쉬어 이산화탄소 가득한 집은 되지 말아야 겠다는 생각 때문이었다. 이를 위해서라면 그래도 작은 크기의 구멍은 먼지를 정화시켜야 하지 않을까 하는 바램이 이런… read more »

New personal post after a long time

It’s been a long time passed since I leave a new post, real text post in English. Bill e-mail of web-hosting company make me focus current status of my site and make me arrange it. I did lots of test on this site. Still this site has deficit in revenue side but I still love… read more »