Secret of successful blog post.

This is the list of "Newbie Blogger Tips to Excel in Record time::" 

The reason why I enlisted them was I wanted to check what I'm doing now and can(or can't) do for the site. 

1. Pay attention to your foundation


2. Be Honest

 (I'm honest)

3. Stay focused and dedicated


4. Write daily

 (What I can do)

5. Create niche based websites


6. Avoid Grammar mistakes

 (with the help of Grammarly)

8. Don’t copy the content

 (But I copy some quotes or ideas, I'm not so creative to make totally new one)

9. Test your blog in different browsers

 (I did)

10. Do Blogging with Passion and Patience

 (I can do)

11. Make a strategy for blogging

 (I will)

12. Make a Social Media Marketing Strategy

 (Little a bit)

13. Make Link Building Strategy

(Not yet)

14. Make Your Blog a Community (Optional)

(Not yet)

15. Make Good Relations with Niche Bloggers

(Not yet)

16. Write Unique Content


17. Always Reply to Comments

(Mostly I will. But sometimes, it was hard to reply everyone who left comment on my YouTube channel )

18. Market Like There is No Tomorrow

(Not yet)

19. Use Guest Posting

(It's possible to leave comment :) ) 

20. Ask Readers for their Opinions

(I did today)

21. Write for Readers


22. Make Your Blog Design Reader-Friendly

(I choose the most general form for my potential guest)

23. Use SEO friendly Theme

(I think so)

24. Use Effective Title

(I don't know)

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