2023의 게시물 표시

[Google Playground] The most searched

  Uncover 25 of the most searched people, places, and moments from the past 25 years. Link

A short novel from google bard.

 To experience Gemini Pro in Bard, I added a prompt as below.  Bard answered as below and even I can hear the voice too.  The image shows a woman in a yellow dress sitting on a wooden staircase. She is looking directly at the camera with a smile on her face. Her dress is flowing and elegant, and it contrasts beautifully with the dark wood of the stairs. The woman's hair is long and flowing, and it is pulled back in a loose bun. She is wearing a pair of sunglasses, which adds a touch of glamour to her look. The image could be taken in a variety of settings, such as a city park, a public building, or even her own home. However, the fact that she is sitting on stairs suggests that she is in a public place. The woman's relaxed posture and confident expression suggest that she is comfortable in her surroundings. Overall, the image is a simple but elegant portrait of a woman in a yellow dress. The woman's smile and direct gaze make her seem approachable and friendly. The image is


 I've been studying flutter-flow in my free time.  It's a no-coding version of Flutter, a coding language toolkit.  This tool can give you strong power if you have freedom in planning.  My current status is, that I can handle databases when I make an app or web service easily. 

Talk with Francis Ngannou

  It feels real to talk with AI. AI can have most of the specific information of someone and make something more in the end.  https://francisngannou.soulmachines.cloud/session

Role of Programming nowdays.

 When I first learned programming, I had to program a to z to make something.  Today, you can get a lot of help from AI, YouTube videos, blogs, communities, and no-coding platforms if you have a clear image to make. What I'm learning from today names FlutterFlow and let's see what I can make soon. 

How To Scrape ANY Website (ft. Scraping Browser)

  There are always many ways of get data and it will be the one of new way. 

tldraw, new impressive AI coding tool

 https://makereal.tldraw.com/ You may be hearing a lot in the news that the world of AI coding has arrived, and it is true that the threshold for coding is getting lower, even if it is not necessarily supported by AI. This may still sound like nonsense to non-developers, but I'm introducing an interesting service that can lower this threshold even further. It's a service called tldraw. It is a generative AI tool that creates a front page. After drawing a rough sketch of what you want and writing a rough description, click the Make Real button to create a web page. (If you look at the actual user reviews on YouTube, you can see that if you draw the game screen and explain the logic briefly, it will create a physics engine for the game. It may be easier to understand if you take a look at the YouTube video below.)

Github, managing my projects with my collegue.

  I'm started learning more about github after watching this video. 

Bootstrap, easy way of making styled website without worry of css.

Link: https://getbootstrap.com/ Learned how to make website easily using bootstrap. 

News Summary on Nov 11

President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are holding a virtual summit to discuss a range of issues, including trade, human rights, Taiwan, and climate change. The meeting is seen as a chance to ease tensions and avoid conflict between the world’s two largest economies. Black voters are expected to play a crucial role in the 2024 presidential election, as they did in 2020. Many Black voters are motivated by issues such as voting rights, racial justice, health care, and economic opportunity. Some experts say that candidates who can mobilize and inspire Black voters will have an advantage in the race. A bill that would allow families of wrongful death victims in New York to seek compensation for emotional loss has been introduced in the state legislature. The Grieving Families Act would make New York the first state in the nation to recognize the right to recover damages for grief, anguish, and loss of companionship in wrongful death cases. A new study suggests that getting Covid

[에버랜드] 식사시간 #팬더 #일상


역대급 호구조사..

  재미있어요. #유머 #영어 #콩글리시

[고양이 일기] 이랬는데 요래됐습니당. #고양이 #고양이놀이


Enough Rest everyday

 It's important for every next of today. 

[고양이 일기] 레이저 놀이 #고양이 #일상


Generative AI, Creative assistant

There was a download session of the recent trend of the AI era in the company.  The Thing is  It's a time of making creative things with the help of AI.  It means people will manage the progress and quality of results after requesting items from AI.  Despite the pain of verifying outputs, we can expect productivity. 

[고양이 일기] , 터널 속에서 #고양이 #일상


Own a YouTube Channel.

 If you have   - a good amount of topics you want to share   - a will to update videos regularly Owning a YouTube channel is worth trying. That's because the instructions for creating and managing YouTube channels are fully public and not difficult.  Plus, Advertising revenue is a bonus https://www.youtube.com/@neomm41/

Make a game

 It would be great if I could make and publish my own game.  Yesterday, one of my team members brought a simple HTML source with JavaScript. It's a kind of arcade game source of ChatGPT. Yes, with the help of AI and internet, it can be easier than before.  There are many possible easy tools(engines) that help make games too. 

Secret of successful blog post.

This is the list of "Newbie Blogger Tips to Excel in Record time::"  https://www.shoutmeloud.com/blogging-tips.html The reason why I enlisted them was I wanted to check what I'm doing now and can(or can't) do for the site.  1. Pay attention to your foundation  (Good) 2. Be Honest  (I'm honest) 3. Stay focused and dedicated  (Sometimes) 4. Write daily  (What I can do) 5. Create niche based websites  (Mostly) 6. Avoid Grammar mistakes  (with the help of Grammarly) 8. Don’t copy the content  (But I copy some quotes or ideas, I'm not so creative to make totally new one) 9. Test your blog in different browsers  (I did) 10. Do Blogging with Passion and Patience  (I can do) 11. Make a strategy for blogging  (I will) 12. Make a Social Media Marketing Strategy  (Little a bit) 13. Make Link Building Strategy (Not yet) 14. Make Your Blog a Community (Optional) (Not yet) 15. Make Good Relations with Niche Bloggers (Not yet) 16. Write Unique Content (Hmm) 17. Always Reply


 https://www.windy.com/  Interactive weather radar,  wind,  and waves forecast for kiters, surfers, paragliders, pilots, sailors, and anyone else. Worldwide animated weather map, with easy-to-use [JPG Note] Weather is important to every work. + Typhoons are coming...

DLVR.IT , Social media auto poster and scheduler

https://dlvrit.com/   It  scans your RSS feeds and other trusted content sources for new articles, blogs and photos. We auto-post the latest items to Twitter, Facebook and ... Let me take a look at this service, which can boost up a newly set up blog. 

[고양이 일기] 걸렸어 #고양이 #일상


Being an entrepreneur

 Being an entrepreneur is discovering values that others don't see. Can you ever imagine that making money with mugshots? I don't want to comment on politics but it's so unexpected to me. 

Learn Python for the future.

 I learned several languages(mostly logic) to improve digital service production. However, I realize I need to have programming skills to utilize "Things" like AI, easily make something, combine tools with others, and so on. That's why I want to learn Python. 

[고양이 일기] 친수성 고양이

 고양이가 물 좋아하는 것을 보는 것도 나름 즐거운 일...

멍 때리다 잠들기 좋은날...

그게 일요일

It's weekend.

Good morning.

Hello World.

 It's the first post for the newly made blog page. After I shutdown my aws site, I am doing setting up detail now with remained domain.  See you soon.