[Summary] 2B AHEAD_Strategic Foresight 2035 in one minute


The "Strategic Foresight 2035" report provides a comprehensive analysis of future trends, challenges, and opportunities. Here's a summarized breakdown in bullet points:

  • Strategic Foresight is crucial for navigating increasingly complex and uncertain futures, leading to a demand for handling a Multi Crisis Environment.
  • The landscape of decision-making is being reshaped by technological advances and new generations, moving away from linear developments.
  • Customer expectations in 2035 will emphasize the need for accelerated solutions, integration of AI in sales and marketing, and a shift towards implementation-focused approaches.
  • AI and automation will be omnipresent by 2035, influencing decision-making processes and the evolution of strategic foresight.
  • The study explores two wildcards, "Narrowing Futures" and "Future Abundance," to emphasize unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Emerging disruptions in 2035 include the rise of forecasting, decentralized science, AI alignment, and regenerative solutions.
  • Potential competitors in 2035 include the financial sector, the Open Source movement, AI startups, traditional consulting firms, and in-house foresight expertise.
  • Strategic Foresight in 2035 aims to offer guidance and scalable insights in a rapidly evolving landscape.