[Summary] Activate Technology & Media Outlook 2024


  • Consumer Time and Attention: American consumers are increasingly multitasking, leading to extensive technology and media usage.
  • Super Users: A focus on "Super Users" who heavily use and spend on technology and media is crucial for growth.
  • Generative AI: A significant rise in the use of generative AI for web searches is expected, impacting major technology businesses.
  • eCommerce: Global eCommerce is set to grow substantially, with online retailers launching their own marketplaces.
  • B2B and Enterprise Software: Anticipated growth in B2B technology spend, driven by AI innovations.
  • Gaming: The significant role of "Super Gamers" in the gaming industry and their potential early adoption of the Metaverse.
  • Metaverse: Increasing active users in virtual world platforms, with generative AI accelerating development.
  • Spatial Computing: Evolution of spatial computing beyond headsets, with integration in daily life.
  • Social Video: TikTok's expansion in social video, rivaling other platforms.
  • Video Streaming: Growth at the expense of traditional TV, with a focus on ad-supported tiers and international markets.
  • Music and Podcasts: Changes in music discovery and consumption, influenced by AI.
  • Sports Betting: Growth in sports betting with more states legalizing it.
  • Live Entertainment and Experiences: Continued consumer spending on live events.
  • Technology and Media Revenues: Forecasted growth in internet and media revenues driven by advertising.