[Summary] ADM_2024-global-consumer-trends


  • Technology in Food: Advances in technology are changing how we produce and consume food, focusing on health, environment, and ethics.
  • ADM's Trends Framework: ADM uses a framework to understand and predict consumer behavior, emphasizing technology's role.
  • Innovative Technologies: Key areas include agriculture (like urban farming), ingredients (like AI-generated flavors), production (like 3D food printing), delivery (like drone deliveries), and consumer tech (like AI diets).
  • Four Transformational Areas:

    • Flavor & Color: Using technology to create food that matches personal tastes and experiences.
    • Diverse Food Choices: Offering a variety of foods, including plant-based and sustainable options, using new technologies.
    • Personalized Nutrition: Customizing food and nutrition based on individual health and preferences.
    • Agricultural Tech: New farming technologies focusing on sustainability and efficiency.

  • ADM's Role: The company uses these insights and technologies to grow its business and meet changing food and wellness needs.